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Welcome to Mimrot's Skin& Hair Clinic - Dr. Alka Mimrot

M.B.B.s. (Skin & V.D.), Dermatology and Cosmetologist,

विशेषज्ञ : चर्म रोग, कुष्ठ रोग, एलर्जी एवं कॉस्मेटॉलोजि

Regd No : 14881

Dr. Alka Mimrot started her practice as Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, where large number of patients benefited from her till date. Dr. ALka Mimrot practiced at Mimrot's skin & Hair Clinic and Medicure Poly Clinic.

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कील मुंहासे / Pimples
बालों की समस्या / Hair Treatments
सफ़ेद दाग, एलर्जी / Vitiligo, Allergy
हाथ पैरो की त्वचा फटना / Cracked Heals
शरीर पे खुजली होना / Eczema
नाखुनो के रोग / Nail Desease
बच्चों के चर्म रोग / Child Skin Care
एंटी एजिंग, चेहरे के गड्डो का इलाज / Anti Ageing and Scar Treatment
अनचाहे बालो का इलाज / Laser Hair Removal


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Our extensive range of treatments and services provides a choice that is rich in Provide a Complete Skin Care and Cosmetology Clinic For People. We Provide Laser & Advance Treatments For Pimples, Pimples Scars, Chicken Box Scars, Tattoos, Birth Marks , Psoriasis, HairFall, Vitiligo(LEUKODERMA), Danddruff, Nail Problems, Foot Corn & Callosity.

At Dr. Alka Mimrot's clinic you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest standard of treatment. Our approachable and highly-qualified services is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic dreams, and will be with you throughout your journey with us. Dr Alka Mimrot's is committed to safe, effective and ethical treatment. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Dr Alka by taking an Appointment.